The Vines of Mars by A.R.K. Watson

A Seeded Sky Book

Tomás has enough on his hands farming the Martian soil and protecting his family from the man-eating vines and lethal dust storms. He doesn’t have time to worry about the past… until the nephew he didn’t know he had walks out of the desert with startling news. Tomás’ sister did not die when he was a child but has been living in the lethal open Mars for over a decade. Now, his nephew has returned to the family to seek help solving her murder.

How did his sister survive in a supposedly unsurvivable environment? How was she found murdered miles from the colony, in a place no other human can enter? In a small town on a planet where everyone has to depend on one another to survive, can Tomás really confront the killer?

Haunted by the thought that all he’d known about her death was an elaborate lie, and unsure which of his neighbors he can trust, Tomás joins Manuel to solve a mystery that unlocks the mysteries of terraforming the Red Planet and the deadly vines that they depend on for the very air they breathe.

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